Friday, August 27, 2010

High Note, Indiranagar

We were looking for a nice restaurant with a good ambiance since a couple of friends wanted to catch up, hang out and have a good time. I have not been in touch with the Indiranagar restaurant scene ever since my work place moved out of Jeevanbima Nagar, so when one of my friends suggested High Note, I was quite excited.

The restaurant has an amazing ambiance, it is located on the third floor and is open on all sides, so you get a good view and the whole place generally feels open, airy and nice. They have a bar on the 2nd floor I think.

The cocktails menu is huge, though I settled for a mocktail, quite forgotten the name but it was something with a lot of watermelon, was quite good and most importantly reasonably priced (Rs 125).

The starters menu is also huge (veg/nonveg). Chilly baby corn that I had yesterday is easily almost the best ever I have had, it was hot, spicy and crispy with real green chillies and not just capsicum! I absolutely loved it, and this is a must try for anyone who visits the place. Paneer Tikka was decent, nothing out of the world but quite good, importantly, the paneer quality was very good. Then, we also had a Hummus kind of appetizer and dip, that was...well...interesting, but I'll stick to the baby corn, thank you!

For the main course, you have Indian, Contienental, Thai, Chinese..., we ordered the vegetable stewed rice and chinese hakka noodles. The stewed rice is basically steamed rice with lots of veggies like broccoli etc which am not too fond of. I dont go to a restaurant to slim down, the gym is meant for that :-)
The noodles was very good, and I liked it a lot, not sure if the stewed rice made me like the noodles all the more, but the noodles was actually nice. We had also ordered another 'healthy' vegetable, which was okay (again, not a fan of healthy food).
Considering how good the chilly baby corn was, am sure the North Indian stuff might have been very promising, thats for next time.(note, there will be a next time => good restaurant!)

For desserts, I had sticky toffee with vanilla ice cream, was very good. I simply loved the toffee part, desserts are priced around Rs 100. My friends had rabdi, chocolate mousse and all of them were quite good.

Overall, definitely a good restaurant, wide variety of choices in terms of cuisine and a huge menu, great ambiance, somewhat decently priced. Average works out to be 500 per head without any serious drinking.

Location: Indiranagar 100 feet road, opposite to East Cultural Association(opp footpath), 3rd floor. It is near the 10th main I think.


  1. what a horrible spelling mistake i have made, I have written Chilly baby corn, it was anything but chilly! Pls read it as "Chilli" :-)

  2. The right place for the Car treat. :)

  3. car treat? the generous me had set aside a considerable sum for it, and it got used up for the first repairs!!! so no budget :-)

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